Set a Watch Swords of the Coin

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Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin is a 60-minute, cooperative adventure puzzle game for 1-4 players.

Swords of the Coin is a stand-alone expansion featuring the same critically-acclaimed gameplay along with some new twists centered around collecting coins and buying items from the merchant. The expansion is fully compatible with the original game; creatures, locations, and characters can all be mixed and matched together with the original Set a Watch.

  • Dive into a 60-minute cooperative adventure with "Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin." This standalone expansion adds new twists, introducing a unique coin collection mechanic for strategic gameplay.

  • Experience fresh dynamics with the expansion's unique coin collection mechanic. Make strategic decisions by collecting coins and purchasing items, adding depth to cooperative puzzle-solving.

  • Seamlessly integrate "Swords of the Coin" with the original game. Mix creatures, locations, and characters for a customizable experience, enhancing replayability while preserving the cooperative adventure and puzzle-solving essence.

  • Enjoy the acclaimed gameplay of Set a Watch with added twists in "Swords of the Coin." This expansion offers both familiar and new players an enriched cooperative gaming experience within the same 60-minute timeframe.


  • 6 Adventurer Boards
  • 30 Ability Cards
  • 1 Familiar Card
  • 1 Artificer Dial
  • 17 Unhallowed Cards
  • 38 Creature Cards
  • 6 Summon Cards
  • 32 Location Cards
  • 1 Merchant Board
  • 28 Item Cards
  • 16 Coin tokens
  • 3 d4 Dice
  • 3 d6 Dice
  • 5 d8 Dice
  • 2 d10 dice 
  • 3 d12 dice
  • 4 Rest Tokens
  • 1 Fire Token
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Camp Board
1-4 players


Published by: Rock Manor Games
Game Design: Todd Walsh & Mike Gnade
Game Development: Ryan Ward & Samuel Bailey
Adventurer Illustrations: Boris Stanisic
Creature Illustrations: Rodolpho Langhi
Location Illustrations: Andreas Rocha, Rastislav & Lacey James
Graphic Design and Item Illustrations: T.L. Simons
Technical Editing: Andrea Dell’Agnese & Julia Faeta
Playtesting: Flynn Walsh, Meghan Walsh, Heather O’Neill, Chris O’Neill, Rosalie Gnade, Matthew Canglialosi, Michelle Deleppo, Tessa LaNeve, Heather Wilson, Nicole Amato, Anthony Amato, Benjamin Afrasyab Farahmand, Nolan James, Tammy Dotts, Joe Brannigan, Wendy Rothschell,
David Friant, Ryan Ward, Ryan Friant, Ted Adams, Tom Panico, Jason Tagmire, Ben Begeal, Duane Kolar, Chris Visco, Dan Cassar, Jake Vander Ende, Joseph Kim, Denny Dong, Tom Callahan, Kevin Simms, Polina Osokina
Special Thanks:
GMG Philadelphia, Tabletop Coop