About Us


We are Gamelandia, a new Friendly Local Game Store in Palo Alto, California.



Located on the California Avenue retail corridor near Stanford University and in the heart of Silicon Valley, Gamelandia is an inclusive tabletop game store and community hub where both new and experienced players of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels are welcome. 

We offer a carefully curated inventory of games with an emphasis on in-store demos and individualized recommendations. Our store will feature a large play space with comfortable reserved seating for open game play (borrow from our library or bring your own!), after school programs and evening events for older kids and adults. Our separate party rooms are available for birthdays or private after-work game sessions, and we will offer tasty prepackaged drinks and snacks from all over the world. 


At Gamelandia, our goal is to welcome new players to the hobby and support existing players by building a fun community for games and the people who play them. 

GAMELANDIA: We play here!