About Us

Located on the California Avenue retail corridor near Stanford University in the heart of Silicon Valley, Gamelandia is an inclusive tabletop game store and community hub where players of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels are welcome!

We offer an eclectic and carefully curated selection of games, books and gifts making us the perfect stop for families and friends with a variety of interests. To meet the needs of both new and experienced players, we provide in store demonstrations, weekly Learn
to Play events and individualized recommendations.

Our store features three themed play spaces, including a Space Room and D&D Room, with beautiful hand-painted murals from local and nationally renowned artists. Customers can reserve an entire room for a private event, such as birthdays or work gatherings, or just a table to try out a game from our library of over 600 titles!

We offer kids after school and summer programming that includes Kids D&D, Kids Magic the Gathering, Pokémon Jr. League and more! For adults, we program weekly game nights for popular trading card games, FREE student game nights on Thursdays, as well as hosting regional tournaments that draw crowds from across the state.

Learning through play is not only the most effective way to grow, but also the most fun. And at Gamelandia, we want nothing more than to inspire joy through human connection. Hope to see you at the store!


Here’s what people are saying about Gamelandia:

We *love* this store. It's amazing in so many ways. Great selection of games. Super friendly and helpful staff (they've suggested new games to us, which have gone on to become family favorites!). And the games rooms are a great gathering place for friends and groups! The game rooms are beautifully decorated, have free tea and drinks, and the staff will provide personalized recommendations from their game library. My son and his friend had *so much fun* here on a rainy Sunday morning. We can't wait to go back! Truly a gem in Palo Alto.” ~ Helene Grossman

Great staff, super nice, organized space and really cool game rooms where you can play with your friends. We got a room for 6 people for around $10/person for 2 hours. Owners are really nice. There is free hot chocolate and tea if you want. We played Catan and Sequence and chatted with the owners. Fun place to spend time with friends and play your favorite board games. They have it all!” ~ Nijat Behbudov

Easily the best game store in the Bay Area!” ~ Lucy Wang