In one corner storefront on California Avenue, every square inch of the wall space is covered with bright board game boxes up to the ceiling.


This is Gamelandia, the Palo Alto area’s new spot for not only buying and renting board games, but also community gathering. It is home to dozens of events per month, such as the recurring “Friday Night Magic” event where dozens gather to play Magic the Gathering, kids’ Rubik’s cubing club meetings and more.


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Behind the doors of a shop on Palo Alto's California Avenue is a brand-new game wonderland that aims to appeal to everyone — even people who say they don't like games.


Filled wall to wall with colorful game boxes of all sizes, Gamelandia has games for Dungeons & Dragons and "Twilight Imperium" fans to casual jigsaw puzzlers; for small kids still developing hand-eye coordination to adults looking for raunchy party games (which are stored in a special cupboard above the reach of youngsters). The store has everything from enamel pronoun pins and indie games to greeting cards and Pokémon cards. There's even a whole display of cat-themed games and toys for fans of felines.


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Gamelandia, a tactile game store and play space, will hold a grand opening with food and open play rooms on Oct. 29. at 290 California Ave.


The space, which was previously family planning store Blossom Birth, will now have a retail section from family-friendly to adult games, a game rental library and game rooms that can be used for group events. 


Co-owners Lisa Joyce and Berry Hatfield created their vision after moving to the Bay Area from Brooklyn, New York and realizing that there weren’t many spaces where people could meet friends and play the games they loved. 


“We’re a real mom-and-pop operation,” Joyce said. “We have a lot of people on Cal Ave. say that it’s exciting to have something like this here.”


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