Ottoman Sunset 3rd Edition

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When war in Europe broke out in 1914, the Ottoman Empire, pursuant to secret protocols, agreed to provide shelter to the fleeing German Battleship, Goeben, which was renamed Yavuz. After Britain refused to deliver newly ordered Turkish battleships, the Turko-German fleet bombarded Russian forts, signaling the Ottoman Empire’s entrance into World War One.

Ottoman Sunset 2nd edition, by designer Darin Leviloff, is a stand-alone solitaire States of Siege game on World War One in the Near East from 1914-1918. The player controls the Young Turks (CUP or Committee of Union and Progress) as they try to keep the Ottoman Empire alive amidst the struggles of the Great War.

  • Relive the Ottoman Empire's crucial role in World War One with "Ottoman Sunset 2nd Edition." This stand-alone solitaire States of Siege game spans 1914-1918, encapsulating secret protocols, the Goeben's shelter, and large-scale Turko-German fleet actions.
  • Experience large-scale actions with each turn representing weeks of time. Ottoman Sunset 2nd Edition introduces a realistic time progression, demanding strategic planning to ensure the Ottoman Empire's survival.
  • Navigate the challenges of survival and victory. Lead the Young Turks to endure until the war's end, avoiding military disasters and maintaining the nation's will to fight.
  • Combine this game with Hapsburg Eclipse for a linked experience or 2-player co-op!


Game Design: Darin A. Leviloff
Rules, Editing, and Proofing: William Niebling, Tim Schuetz, Petra Schlunk, David Kennedy, Ian McCormack
Illustration & Graphic Design: The Creation Studio
Additional Graphic Design: Jared Gannuscio, Christian Szymanski
Production: Dawson Ellis
Producers: Skye Walker, EJ Granbery, Tim Schuetz
Publisher & Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington

Special Thanks to the following people for helping to bring the previous versions to life: Alan Emrich, Avalon Emrich, Brett Mitchell, Charles Dudgeon, David Kennedy, Ian Wakeham, Karen Wolterman, Kevin Fortuna, LTC Robert Smith, Leigh Toms, Michelle Bal. Noelle Le Bienvenu, Petra Schlunk, Rick Partin, Tim Allen, Wes Erni