What We Know About Altered's QR Code System and Online Marketplace

What We Know About Altered's QR Code System and Online Marketplace

Posted by Gamelandia on 3rd Jan 2024

If you're excited about the upcoming Altered TCG you're probably curious about how the whole QR code/online marketplace/companion app works, so let's break it down a bit!

QR Codes in Altered TCG: A Digital-Physical Hybrid

What's the Deal with QR Codes? Every single playable card in Altered, except tokens, comes equipped with a unique QR code. This code is your gateway to registering the card on the Altered digital app, making it a part of your digital collection.

altered rarities QR code

How Does Scanning Work? 

Worried about the hassle of scanning each card individually? Altered's companion app has got you covered with a mass scan feature. This nifty solution allows you to scan multiple cards in a few seconds, making it a swift process to digitize your physical collection.

This should make registering your freshly cracked packs easy, as well as simplifying the deck check process for tournaments. The judge or organizer will simply be able to lay out your deck and scan the cards with their phone to confirm the accuracy of the list.

The Altered Digital App

What Can You Do on the App? 

The Altered digital app is more than just a card registry. It's a comprehensive platform for managing your collection and enhancing your gaming experience. Features include:

  • Managing your card collection
  • A deck builder tool
  • Event organizer/finder
  • Access to personal stats and rewards (availability may vary)
  • Lore exploration for each card
  • A marketplace for trading
  • Print-on-demand service

The digital app will be a huge aspect of playing and collecting Altered.

The Online Marketplace for Altered

Trading Made Easy 

The marketplace feature in the Altered app is a global trading hub. Here, you can trade cards with anyone across the globe, instantly and securely. The transactions use EUR and USD, and when you buy or sell a card, its digital ownership transfers accordingly.

Prefer direct, person-to-person trades? Altered allows you to transfer the ownership of a card directly from one account to another through the app. This flexibility caters to different trading preferences.

There are also plans for features that allow you to rent or lend your digital ownership of the cards to other people, although those won't be available upon release.

Fees for the marketplace will be inline with other online marketplaces, most likely between 3%-4%, but that still needs to be determined. But if you're not keen on paying those fees, you will have the power to trade or giveaway your cards for free as well!

Print on Demand: Physical Cards When You Need Them

How It Works 

Own a card digitally but need it in physical form? Use the app's print-on-demand service to order physical copies of any card in your digital collection. These cards will be printed in any available language and delivered right to your doorstep.

The pricing system for print-on-demand is designed to be cost-effective. The more cards you print at once, the lower the price per unit, plus a delivery fee.

Managing Foils in Altered

Foils in Altered are more like MTG Arena than they are a regular TCG. 

Instead of finding foiled cards in boosters, you'll come across "Foiler" cards. These cards, with their QR codes, grant you the right to foil a card in your collection. Once you use this right, it's consumed permanently.

They'll come in a variety of rarities, similar to the way Wildcards work on MTG Arena, and once you "foiled" out a card in your digital collection, you'll be able to print as many foil copies of that card that you want.

How Collecting Works in Altered

Collecting Altered may feel different from more traditional trading card games. As a collector you’ll be able to achieve both online and offline collection and there is no “grading” required because of the print on demand service.

There are plans to offer an achievement and rewards system for the game based on how many digital cards you own, but the details are still to be determined.

A World of Possibilities

From registering your cards digitally to trading globally, and even getting your digital cards printed, Altered's QR code system and online marketplace will offer an immersive and convenient experience for players. 

Whether you're a competitive player or a casual enthusiast, these features will add a unique dimension to your TCG experience.

Remember, this is just the beginning. Once Altered is released and as it continues to grow, expect more features and updates that will further enhance your experience with this innovative trading card game.

If you want to learn more about the Altered TCG that's coming out this summer, check out our Guide To Playing The Altered TCG or dive into some of the lore that's been revealed so far!

Stay tuned for more Altered updates and tips!