The Altered Roadshow: A Spellbinding Experience at Gamelandia

The Altered Roadshow: A Spellbinding Experience at Gamelandia

Posted by Gamelandia on 19th Jan 2024

Hey there, fellow gamers and enthusiasts!

Yesterday, Gamelandia had the fortune of being one the game stores in the US to host an Altered Roadshow event. The team behind the innovative trading card game Altered graced us with their presence, bringing with them the magic and excitement of the exciting new card game that's going to be hitting our shelves this summer. 

It turned out to be a spectacular day, filled with adventure, learning, and lots of fun!

A Glimpse into the World of Altered

For those new to Altered, it's a trading card game (TCG) that offers a refreshing take on strategic gameplay. Set in a richly designed universe, influenced by the likes of Miyazaki and Dixit-like illustrations, Altered transports players to a reshaped Earth following a mysterious event known as the Confluence. Players choose a faction and lead expeditions through this ever-changing world, aiming to be the first to uncover its secrets.

The game stands out for its deep lore, innovative mechanics, and a unique rarity system where cards are algorithmically generated, making each one truly unique. 

Altered is the brainchild of talented game designer Régis Bonnessée and is brought to us by French studio Equinox, in partnership with Asmodee.

Our Roadshow Experience

The Altered team's visit was nothing short of magical. From the moment they set up their demo stations, there was an air of excitement. The team did an incredible job explaining the gameplay, the rules, and the unique aspects of Altered. They brought with them a variety of decks representing the six factions in the game: Axiom, Bravos, Lyra, Muna, Ordis, and Yzmir. Each faction offers a distinct style of play, appealing to a wide range of strategies and player preferences.

Learning the Ropes

For many of us, it was our first time diving into the world of Altered. The team took their time to guide us through the basic rules. We learned about the different types of cards - characters, spells, and permanents - and how they interact during gameplay. The objective of the game is intriguing: to be the first player to join their two expedition tokens on the same region of the map. It’s a unique twist that adds an adventurous feel to the game.

Hands-On Play

After the initial introduction, we got to play the game ourselves. It was fascinating to see how different each game was, thanks to the unique card system. The cards’ algorithmically generated stats and abilities meant that even familiar cards brought new surprises in every match. This unpredictability added an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the gameplay.

The Phygital Aspect

One of the most talked-about features during the Roadshow was the game's 'phygital' experience – a blend of physical and digital elements. Each card in Altered comes with a unique QR code, allowing players to register their cards in the Altered digital app. This feature not only helps in managing collections but also opens up a world of digital services, like deck building, event organizing, and a marketplace for trading cards.

A Community Coming Together

The Roadshow was more than just a demo session; it was a gathering of like-minded individuals sharing their passion for TCGs. We saw experienced players mingling with newcomers, exchanging tips, and discussing strategies. The Altered team’s enthusiasm was infectious, and their dedication to creating an engaging community around their game was evident.

Looking Forward

As we wrapped up the day, there was a unanimous feeling of anticipation for the official launch of Altered. With its innovative gameplay, beautiful design, and the unique blend of physical and digital elements, Altered is set to make a significant impact on the TCG scene.

If you missed out on this event, don’t worry! 

Keep an eye on Altered’s social media for more updates and upcoming events. Don't forget, the Altered Kickstarter campaign is launching Jan 30th, 2024 too!

Whether you're a seasoned TCG player or just curious about the game, Altered offers a fresh and exciting experience that's worth exploring.

Thanks to the Altered team for an unforgettable day, and to all who joined us at the Roadshow. Here’s to many more adventures in the altered world of Altered!

Until next time, keep shuffling those decks!