7 Wonders: Your Game Group's First Game Of The Night

Posted by Berry on 28th Sep 2023

7 Wonders: Your Game Group's First Game Of The Night

It's always tough to pick what game to start a game night with. You want an uncomplicated warm-up that gets people into the gaming mood. Matches should go quickly so those inevitable late-comers don't sit around for an hour waiting to get into the action. And it should be accessible for first-time players so they feel welcome at the first deal of the cards.

May we at Gamelandia suggest the perfect game-night starter: 7 Wonders by Repo Games.

7 Wonders: Card Drafting At Its Finest

If you've ever played It’s A Wonderful World or Sushi Go!, you'll already understand the card drafting rules in 7 Wonders. Taking on the roles of leaders of ancient Greek cities, you'll start out with a fistful of cards and an unbuilt Wonder of the World. Cards represent resources, structures, military, and science, all vital to city development and victory point domination. Choose a card, put it in your city, and pass your remaining hand to your neighbor. Hands rotate among participants until each person has one remaining. Discard those and start the next age.

Throughout the three ages (rounds), you'll amass resources, construct buildings, discover science, build your Wonder, and battle neighbors militarily. After all the cards are played, tally the victory points and declare a winner.

Why 7 Wonders Should Be A Game Night Staple

Antoine Bauza won about every game award possible with 7 Wonders. After a few playthroughs, it's easy to see why. Just look at the smattering of reasons why 7 Wonders should get the first spot on your next game night.

  • New players can learn 7 Wonders fast. Have some gaming newbies coming over? Don't worry; the rules take about 10 minutes to learn. Every card play has the same three choices: place in your city, build your Wonder, or trade for gold. The rulebook expertly explains every symbol, and there's rarely a question about what a card or Wonder bonus means. We've seen 10-year-olds easily conquer adults, with both having a great time.
  • Short games mean replayable fun. Because of the card-drafting format, it's always your turn. Therefore, most games will take about 20 minutes to complete. Playing multiple games in the first hour is a quick way to get into the right headspace before you take on a more time-intensive endeavor. Think of 7 Wonders as a satisfying hors d'oeuvre before you serve that Frosthaven main course.
  • The Best Game Night Has The Best Games. 7 Wonders is just a Masterclass in design. Even though the goal remains constant – earn the most victory points – there are many ways to get there. Win one game by crushing your neighbors militarily, only to win the next by overloading on science. Whether you have three or seven players, 7 Wonders will always be perfectly balanced for your play style.

Get 7 Wonders Today For Your Next Game Night

You're missing out if 7 Wonders isn't on your game night rotation. Come by the store, and we'll hook you up with a copy of your own. You can also order it online and have it shipped to your door. We can add one of the four expansion sets for fun wrinkles to the base game.