7 Wonders Architects

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"A game with simple rules and quick gameplay, perfect for those new to board games." -rprod.com
  • Actually build your Wonder! Wonders are in 5 pieces which are assembled and built as the game goes on
  • All the Wonders game components are stored in individual boxes for a ready to play experience
  • Several scoring options (building wonders, military conflicts, science improvements, victory points)
  • A great game for the entire family
  • This is a standalone product, no other 7 Wonders product is needed to play

Build a Wonder of the Ancient World in a fast and accessible game for the entire family! In 7 Wonders - Architects, a fast & dynamic strategy game, you are building one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world to leave your mark in history. With the high quality and practical components included, will you be the one to create the most memorable and beautiful wonder that will leave the world in awe for centuries to come?<?p>

7 Wonders Architects - What's In The Box

  • 235 cards (8 different card backs)
  • 7 Wonders with 5 pieces
  • 7 card holders
  • 8 component trays
  • 15 Progress tokens
  • 6 Conflict tokens
  • 28 Military Victory tokens
  • 1 Cat pawn and its stand
  • The rulebook